Hull Number: 20
Boat Owner: Daniel Calero (ESP)
Tactician: Alfredo Gonzalez (ESP)

The nine teams competing this week will include the ‘black boat’, which is regularly lent out to those looking to join the circuit or local teams. At the helm will be businessman Daniel Calero with local hero seven times world champion Alfredo Gonzalez calling tactics.


Daniel Calero (ESP) - Owner / Driver
Alfredo Gonzalez (ESP) - Tactician
Pablo Arrarte (ESP) - Main trimmer
Jon Larrazabal (ESP) - Headsail Trimmer
Hector Gonzales (ESP) - Offside Trimmer
Hector Glez (ESP) - Pit
Chicho Scalici (ESP) - Grinder
Silvia Más (ESP) - Floater
Pedro Más (ESP) - Bow

Shore Team