Hull Number: 22
Boat Owner: John Bassadone (GBR)
Tactician: Ed Baird (USA)

2018 was a tough year for John Bassadone’s Peninsula Petroleum as they struggled to keep consistency in the ultra-competitive fleet. For 2019 there will be a change in crew with Ed Baird taking over tactician duties from Vasco Vascotto due to his involvement with the Italian challenger to the America’s Cup. The expectation is the cool, calm, exparianced Baird will bring the team the results they need this season.


John Bassadone (GBR) - Owner / Driver
Ed Baird (USA) - Tactician
Nano Negrin (ESP) - Main trimmer
German Panei (ESP) Robin Imaz (ESP) - Headsail Trimmer
Pablo Rosano (ESP) - Pit
Mikel Pasabant Quintian (ESP) - Grinder
Flavia Tamisell (ITA) - Floater
Gonzalo Morales (ESP) - Bow

Shore Team

Coach : Gustavo Martinez Doreste (ESP)
Shore team : Maximiliano Valli (ITA)
Logistics : Talo Perez de Guzman (ESP)