Hull Number: 18
Boat Owner: Vladimir Liubomirov (RUS) / Kirill Frolov (RUS)
Tactician: Cameron Dunn (NZL)

During the 2018 season Bronenosec Sailing Team missed the first two events of the season however this did nothing to diminish the teams competitive edge and determination to make it to the podium. With Kirill Frolov on the helm the Russian team posted came flying back into action with a 5, 3, 6 at the ramining three events lifting them to sixth place in the overall standing.


Vladimir Liubomirov (RUS) Kirill Frolov (RUS) - Owner / Driver
Cameron Dunn (NZL) - Tactician
Alexandr Ekimov (RUS) - Main trimmer
Egor Ignatenko (RUS) - Headsail Trimmer
Pavel Karachov (RUS) - Offside Trimmer
Pietro Mantovani (ITA) - Pit
Evgenii Deev (RUS) - Grinder
Alex Kulakov (RUS) - Bow

Shore Team

Shore team : Andrey Licinskiy (RUS) and Vladimir Ikonnikov (RUS) Team manager: Egor Ignatenko (RUS)